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Promotion/Bonus Point Earnings on Redemption Stays

Question asked by kirsch on Jun 2, 2018
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I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Quick question about this summer's MegaBonus promotion... The website states, "STARTING WITH YOUR THIRD NIGHT, EARN 750 BONUS POINTS ON EVERY NIGHT OF EVERY STAY, UP TO 36,000 POINTS." Does the promotion apply to redemption nights? It does say, "every night of every stay" but I just want to be sure. My wife and I have been staying at a Marriott in PA for the last few weeks but most of our nights were booked with points because we took advantage of the SPG points sale (much cheaper than the current cash rate for this property). Like "Go Green" points, the promotion/issuing of bonus points appears to apply to any stay regardless of payment method. Am I missing something? Any information is much appreciated.