Elite status and pricing

Discussion created by electrksparky on Jun 1, 2018
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I have a question about Elite status and pricing for regular travel people and business travelers. A vacation traveler like myself should not have to compete with a business traveler that is on travel many weeks a year and is able to reach the top Elite status very fast. There needs to be two different Elite status systems one for business travelers and the other for real vacation travelers. Most normal vacation travelers only get at the most 2 weeks of vacation a year  so they would never be able to make the platinum status.  Let the Gold Elite status Vacation travelers be able to have the platinum elite status is vacation travelers spend a lot of money to stay in he Marriott brand hotels so don’t make it even harder for us to get lounge access that is a wonderful perk for a Gold Elite Vacation traveler. A traveler like my wife and I have five weeks of vacation a year but we aren’t going to spend 35 nights in a hotel room maybe 18-25 nights so if I hit that Elite Gold status those lounge perks make it more rewarding and if I’m very close to reaching gold it make me want to stay a few extra nights to reach that status for that wonderful reward. It’s just not a fair system for the traveler that is a true Marriott rewards member that cant stay in the hotel like a business person does. There should also be different pricing for the vacation rewards travelers and the business traveler that business traveler isn’t paying a dime the company is so the business traveler should only be able to use there Elite status during business activity. My wife and I worked very hard to reach Gold Elite status and to be able to use the lounge privileges and now you make it even harder.  Travelers that have a Marriott Rewards credit card and also are Marriott Vacation club owners should be lifetime platinum elite we spent a lot of money to be a loyal lifetime Marriott owner and should be rewarded when staying in the hotels.