Horrible experience at Residence Inn Houston

Discussion created by lankie03 on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by frustratedat20020
I am having a horrible experience here in Residence Inn by Marriott Houston Springwoods Village. I have stayed here since May 19 for a business trip and sent a pair of black trousers with soup stains to the front desk for laundry services on May 23. I have informed the existence of stains to the front desk and the lady said it should be okay.
The next evening when I went back, I found my trousers in the wardrobe with a receipt attached to it. Well, when I checked the trousers, the stains were still there and the trousers actually got faded, I don't think I can wear it anymore.
I was not really happy and brought it to the front desk asking what happened. The guy who was there said he totally understands and he would contact his manager to see how can they reimburse the trousers for me.
I thought this was the deal although I am unhappy because they were my only trousers during the travel. But things actually didn't go as planned. That was on May 24 when I first reported the issue with the washed trousers and till today May 30, the issue is still outstanding after my conversation with five different people. We waited few days to actually talk to the manager but he said it is never Marriot's liability for the laundry, it is the third party and no one can guarantee anything for that, etc, etc. He also emphasised no one is going to pay for my trousers. I was really upset as all I got after a week waiting is the telephone number of the laundry and they ask me to call the laundry by myself!
I stayed here because I trusted Marriot and that's also the reason I sent my trousers to the front desk instead of sending it to somewhere else! If we have to deal with vendor issue by ourselves, one day if I got food poison after having breakfast in Marriot, can we argue that it is provided by the vendor as well?