London Marriott County Hall vs St. Ermin's Autograph

Discussion created by eclipse93gs on May 31, 2018
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Lifetime platinum member here.  My wife and I are planning a leisure trip to London and are planning on using points to stay 6 nights in the city center.  We've seemed to narrow it down between County Hall and St. Ermin's as both seem to be in a central location close to tourist attractions and tube stations.  St. Ermin's would be approximately 30,000 points cheaper for the entirety of our stay.  I was wondering which property does the insiders community prefer?


I realize that the County Hall has a concierge lounge while St. Ermin's does not.  However, we do not plan on spending a lot of time at the hotel or in our rooms so we would likely be only using the lounge for breakfast.  I understand St. Ermin's gives free breakfast to Platinums in the restaurant.  Does anyone know if it's any good?  I've heard the breakfast in the County Hall lounge isn't the greatest.  Also, does anyone know if either hotel offers in-room refrigerators?


I am also a light sleeper and prefer hotel rooms that do not have a lot of noise from adjacent rooms and outside.  Does one hotel have better soundproofing than the other?  Also, does one hotel offer a better chance of an upgrade for a LT Platinum staying on points?


I would greatly appreciate any advice you all could give me, especially those of you that have stayed in both properties!