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Marriott Lifetime Points

Question asked by aw2travel on May 31, 2018
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I firstly apologize if a similar question has been asked, but I could not find anything on these boards and am new to these boards. I used to track my Marriott lifetime status and they removed the ability to track lifetime points. I heard it is still possible to earn Lifetime Status (I am about 200k points away from Gold Status) in the new program through obtaining enough qualifying nights and points. My question is how can I earn extra lifetime points besides staying at a hotel? They apparently do not count SPG point transfers to Marriott as lifetime points, which is a shame since I have been staying at SPG properties since the merger was announced, but if I transfer SPG points to my Marriott account then I use those points on a stay, would that count towards lifetime status points? I have about 150k SPG points and would gladly use them to get Lifetime Gold. I have about 700 combined SPG and Marriott nights, so I know I won't be able to reach Platinum, but would be satisfied with gold.