Post Aug Marriott SPG Lifetime status requirements

Discussion created by soret333 on May 30, 2018
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I have lifetime Gold with SPG. This will transition to Gold of the combined program. I have a question if I will qualify for the Combined Lifetime Platinum status (fulfilling the nights and elite years required).


After Aug, I will have ~800 nights combined, I qualify for the nights required under the new program.


The question is around the Years Elite requirement. I will have by Aug, 4 years Marriott Rewards Platinum, 4 years Marriott Rewards Gold, and 4 years SPG Platinum. Since Marriott Lifetime GOLD transitions to Combined Lifetime PLATINUM status (new program), shouldn't Marriott Rewards Gold years also count towards the Combined Lifetime Platinum status for the years requirement? The number of nights to achieved Marriott gold previously is comparable to SPG platinum. Hence the years with Marriott gold should count towards Lifetime Platinum status of the new program.


Can someone at Marriott / SPG confirm that this is the case? This only seems fair. I don't know if there are others facing a similar issue.