Does Status on July 31 2018 carry over to 2019 program year without regard to number of nights stayed by Dec 31?

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The language on the website is very ambiguous , it says if you hold this status    ***   on July 31 then on August 1 you will be .YYY.


Suppose you have a bad travel year, will the "August 1 " status be good for 2019.


I specifically recalled that when Hyatt went to a change at the beginning of a new program year that Hyatt essentially gave a one year good will grace in status,


However in our situation, We have a mid year change with kaios and Marriott changing the rules and moving the yardsticks for SPG elites  about a month after the "big announcement" that the braintrust had been working on for nearly two years.

I can't imagine why the change HAD to be August 1 and not start with a new program year. Hyatt did a soft landing and that was when they revamped the program fresh at the beginning of a program year 




Rewards Elite Tier Today

Elite Tier in August

Silver Elite with 10-24 nights

Silver Elite

Silver Elite with 25-49 nights

Gold Elite

Gold Elite

Platinum Elite

Platinum Elite

Platinum Premier Elite

Platinum Elite with 100 nights and $20k in qualifying spend

Platinum Premier Elite with ambassador


O.K. so everyone was hysterical and relieved over the no negative impact on the lifetime elite earning ability. Big deal. I am a lifetime 2 million miler on AA and its not all that important as I gave them business anyway.


Assume this scenario.

On July 31 2018 one is Platinum Elite.

That person gets Platinum premier elite.


For how long????

Until December 31 of THIS year or the 2019 year program year as well?


I have not seen this addressed by anyone  anywhere.

All the hysteria has been about "lifetime" elite.

There is ample precedent to carry over a grace year.

Hyatt when they did a change , in a functional organized manner and American airlines years ago in a weaker economy actually extended ExPlat a year because of the "summer of He--"



so what is the straight scoop?