Hard to understand email from Marriott

Discussion created by alwweb on May 29, 2018

Although my question was really poorly worded (one of those late night emails where I should have quit earlier), the answers made even less sense.  My thoughts are added in blue.


Original Question 

Lifetime Points

When our accounts merge in August, will only nights from Jan 1, 2018 count towards lifetime status, or both points and nights?


IE - can I count on my SPG points earned on the SPG credit card to count towards my 2 million lifetime points to qualify under the old program?


Answer - after 16 days of waiting

Dear ,


Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards.


I see you have been a member of the Marriott Rewards program since 2001.  Thank you for your seventeen years of membership.


Your Marriott Rewards account is currently set to the Gold Lifetime Elite status level.  This was set on your account on 22 December 2017.

 OK - up to here everything looks correct and good. 

Several things are happening:


1 -- In August 2018, on the date of the change all existing status levels held at that time, both standard and lifetime versions, will be converted as shown online on So our status levels change immediately even if we don't choose to merge our accounts immediately??  They talk about the merging emails going out AFTER this happens.


2 -- After the date of the change, Marriott Rewards will begin sending waves of e-mails to members stating that they are now eligible to merge their Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts if they want to. also states that earnings in both programs will be combined at that time: points, status nights, and years at Elite status levels.  Every 1 SPG Starwood point will become 3 Marriott Rewards points.  These combined totals will then apply to earning the new Elite status levels, including the new Lifetime Elite status levels.  This makes me think that if I combine accounts, I am stuck on the new path to Elite.  Anyone read this differently?


3 -- For years spent at a Marriott Rewards Elite status level, regrettably, Marriott has not yet published information on how partial years will be counted.  Ummm - did you start answering someone else's email?  My question wasn't anything about this.


4 -- Based on what I see on your Marriott Rewards account, I am guessing that your converted status will be at the new standard Platinum Elite status level. Guessing??  I'm currently lifetime Gold (since Dec 22, 2017 according to the beginning of this email) and I am currently Platinum (earned last year) and 20-23 nights away from re-earning for next year (my math vs Marriott website math) Shouldn't I be PP for at least the remainder of this year?  As for what converted Lifetime Elite status you will hold on the date of the change, I am guessing that will be the new Silver Lifetime Elite.  What??? I haven't read anything about being downgraded from Gold to Silver anywhere.  Again, did they switch accounts they were looking at halfway through the email? 


5 -- If you choose to combined your accounts after the change, then the combined earnings will take over and trigger any eligible standard or Lifetime Elite upgrades, both under the current Marriott Rewards Lifetime Elite status goals through 31 December 2018, and under the the new Lifetime Elite status goals.  After the change, if a member achieves the goals of a current Marriott Rewards Lifetime status level through 31 December 2018, that will convert as if it had happened on date of the program change: OK - this seems to contrast #1 and makes it sound like all points from August on will count towards old or new program. #1 makes it sound like if you merge - you are stuck on the new path. My question was how will Jan - Aug points be handled which is not answered anywhere in this email.




Lifetime Silver Elite members receive Lifetime Silver Elite status.

Lifetime Gold Elite members receive Lifetime Platinum Elite status.

Lifetime Platinum Elite members are grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status.


Thank you for contacting Marriott.

I'm actually more confused after this email than before.  I know it is hard to come up with all of the questions people may ask and all of the ins and outs of a new program, but I really think they needed to be more prepared and have their people better trained before announcing the new combined program.