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Why are loyal customers worth so little...?

Question asked by desilva on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by desilva

I have just cancelled my Marriott/Chase Visa Credit Card after 5+ years as loyal customer. They are offering a huge incentive for new customers to sign up for their new Marriott Premier card (100K Marriott points) but little-to-nothing for long term loyal customers. I spoke to Chase Card Services Customer Support several times (all recorded) and explained my frustration that I was not eligible for the new "improved" Marriott Premier Card (b/c I had one already) but that I also couldn't get the bonus points. I also received a "form letter" outlining my ineligibility without any acknowledgement of my years as a very loyal customer. After several calls ~ an informed CS Associate finally indicated that I could upgrade but that I would need to go to a website to see how many bonus points that I would be eligible to earn if I opted for the upgrade ~ she stated that it would be between 10K and 50K points. Unfortunately, I am only worth 10K bonus points but new customers are worth 100K bonus points.