When will Marriott let us pick our own room?

Discussion created by phaser on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by phaser

I am a Marriott Gold.  I like the perks, especially in a full service hotel that provides Concierge Lounge, but I am starting to migrate to Hilton properties (while still making sure that I maintain the 50 nights needed to keep Marriott Gold).  


The biggest reason?  The ability to pick the exact room when I do an online check in with Hilton brand hotels. I am a light sleeper, so I always try my best to get the quietest room, which usually means highest floor, farthest away from the elevator, away from the highway, away from the swimming pool, etc.  The "preference" fields during reservation don't allow me to specify such details, so when I found out that I could pick the exact room with Hilton, I was immediately smitten.  


I am now a Hilton Silver and may end up being Gold at both Marriott and Hilton after the end of this year.  That means I am giving up being a Marriott Platinum in exchange for a higher confidence of getting a quiet room.  To me, that's completely worth it.  


Anybody else have the same issue?  I would love to see Marriott providing this feature (maybe start as an elite benefit but eventually make it available to all who use the App) and let us pick our own room.  That would certainly cement my loyalty.