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upgrading to new Marriott premier cc questions

Question asked by toorad2b4u on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by martinr

my 1st year card anniversary was the 25th this month and I just saw today that I got my 15 nights ( no notification but all of a sudden my promo nights is 15 more) and also my 1 night stay certificate for a cat 1-5 hotel.


I checked my chase account and haven't been charged the annual fee yet.


I am interested in upgrading to the new cc but assuming I get charged the $85 annual fee from the current card in the next few days (not sure when it happens after account anniversary date), will I have to pay the new card's annual fee of $95 as soon as I upgrade?


I want to avoid paying 2 annual fees pretty much at once.


Also, with the 15 nights added, I am now making Gold membership for the first time....well about to as soon as my 1 night stay from this past week is added to my account. if I upgrade to the new card, will they take back those 15 nights i just received?


Thanks for any input!