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LTPP using both SPG and Marriott totals

Question asked by travelstereo on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by yogib

I'm hoping one of the regulars might be able to help confirm how this will all work.


I have just shy of 700 Marriott nights and another 60 sitting over in SPG which when combined will come up with the magic 750 nights. I'm assuming the SPG nights will obviously count towards the LTPP requirements of 750 nights under the legacy requirements.


In addition to the above query, I do have one more question. Sadly whilst I'm nights rich, I am fairly points poor (I never signed up to the UK credit card). If I somehow manage to come up with the required 2MM required, I assume all of this will come together on December 31 to promote me to LTPP. I am also assuming that SPG points spend will not count towards Marriott points in any way shape or form in August despite SPG nights helping me with my potential LTPP promotion. Is my assumption correct?


Looking forward to getting some clarity around the above from some of the regulars here.


Thank you.