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Rewards Question

Question asked by crisamar on May 28, 2018

i have been a rewards member with my husband for 15+ years. We have three weeks Marriott Time Share and and Marriotts Visa and are Platinum members. Ive been satisfied with Marriott and used Marriotts as my preferred hotel all this time until last year.


Although our Time Share and Visa are jointly owned, Marriott changed their policy that made the account sccessible only to one member. My husband got it. Hence, i had to start my own from the buttom up. This really annoyed me and made me question my loyalty to Marriott exclusively.


I travel a lot for work and my company prefers Hilton. I started a rewards program with them and I have been suprised and pleased with the brand that I made it my preferred unless Marriott brand was cheaper in some areas I travel to.


I feel that Marriott does a very poor job of taking taking care of their long time Marriotts Rewards members. They have not taken any steps in compensating the loss of a Platinum status that I earned equally with my husband. I am very disappointed in this. Ive tried many time to explain this to customer service a few times since last year to no avail. 


Im writing this here to see if you could explain this terrible treatment before my annoyance, disappointment, and anger for this unresolved issue gets to a point where I would complain to an open social and news media to seek out people Marriott Rewards member who have been slighted this way.