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What is the best way to submit rewards points errors to Marriott?

Question asked by masterdwi on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by globaltreker

What have people found to be the best way to report rewards points errors for stays to Marriott? 


Over a 2 week period, I had rewards points errors with 3 of my 4 stays.  They ranged from not getting any points for my stay to not getting points for declining house keeping (ever point counts!).  I tried the "contact Marriott" submission, but after 2 weeks, I didn't hear back from any of my 3 submissions.  I resubmitted the first one, and I finally got someone to respond and give me the points credit.  Since you don't get a copy of your submission, resubmitting the request is time intensive as I have to look up the reservation number in my email and other facts about the stay again.  Thanks for any advice you can give!