Marriott "Does not prioritize Platinum and Gold Members"

Discussion created by larivera21 on May 22, 2018
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I just had a very interesting conversation with Rashada and Marriot Customer Care. I contacted Customer Care to indicated that I have been very disappointed with the level of service I have been receiving from Marriott over the past few weeks. I am a lifetime Gold member. I have done a significant amount of travel over the years. However, for the past 5 years, my job did not require nearly as much travel. I have recently taken on a new roll and again am back on the road quite a bit (30 nights in 3 months). But the level of service from Marriott is not nearly what it use to be. This includes on hold times with the 800 number, quality of assistance the 800 number associate provides, being bumped from hotels due to over booking and an number of other items.

The specific nature of my complaints was around long hold times (45+minutes). Apparently there are no more Gold or Platinum dial in numbers and all callers get the same priority. Meaning if my next door neighbor who is a life long Hilton guy and never stays at a Marriott calls in at the same time as I do, then we wait the same amount of time. Rashada told me Platinum and Gold members get no priority when calling Marriott. That all customers were important and they I should not expect any special treatment. Really??? Airlines, car rental companies, all have status for a reason. Marriott no longer feels that the tens of thousands of dollars I spend is any more important than the $99 someone spends every 5 years. We are exactly the same in their eyes??


Further when I discussed getting bumped from a reservation in Indianapolis and sent to a competing hotel, the Marriott Customer Care representative indicated the exact same thing. Marriott does not have a policy to hold the reservations for Elite members vs other travelers. In other words, it is completely satisfactory if the property wants to bump a Platinum member vs a non member in an over-book situation.


This is not the Marriott I remember. It was not that long ago that I spent a ton of $$ with these guys and they took fantastic care of me. Now their policy is that they thank me for my loyalty, but do not feel they need to reciprocate. This was extremely unfortunate news to me. I clarified this 4 times on the call with Rashada and each time she confirmed that Elite members do not get any preferential treatment over non member travelers.


I would be very interested if any of you have heard similar feedback from Marriott and / or if you have experienced the same drop in customer care that I have.