Oops - Don't Switch to Premier Plus too early

Discussion created by chris.k.sacks on May 21, 2018

Don't make the same mistake I did.


I saw the number of points I will be receiving for the Premier Plus upgrade and without all the full details released as of that time, I applied for the Premier Plus.  I came to realize (after asking the question on here), that I will not get my 15 night credit this year as I upgraded prior to my anniversary date.


I called Chase Marriott to cancel my application right away but they couldn't see it in the system.  The woman I talked to said once it was processed, call and they can reverse me to the Premier card as I was an existing holder.


I got my Premier Plus card today, called Chase Marriott, and they said that is NOT the case and I can't go back to the premier card as they don't offer it anymore.


Looks like I lost my 15 nights and need to figure out how to make it up...