I Am Not Happy Until You Are Happy - Spirit to Serve

Discussion created by tonetex on May 20, 2018
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I would like to commend Sade at the Townplace Suites on National Parkway in Schaumburg IL and nominate her for the Spirit to Serve award.  I have stayed at this hotel a few times and generally arrive late night.  A smile and genuine warm it’s good to see you again....welcome back Mr. Robinson feels great no matter how long your day.  On my last  stay on May 19, 2018 when I checked in I noticed the room with an unfamiliar configuration that was not conducive to my required set up to accomplish work such as monitor placement, TV as an additional plug in for display, etc. I can not tell you in a concise message the effort Sade put forth and steps she took to find an available room with a configuration that works.  I stated I did not intend to take so much of her time and she stated that is why I’m here.  She also indicated she was fairly new with Marriott and my request was a learning opportunity for her. After she made the recommendations and I decided what would work best she asked me “Are you sure this works for you Mr. Robinson because if you‘re not happy I’m not happy?”


I told Sade though she is new to the company the service she provided is what led me to Lifetime Platinum Status.  She was helpful and refreshing  and it is always great to leave a situation with resolution and feeling better than when you entered.


Sade truly ebodies the Spirit to Serve.


Thank You,

Craig Robinson