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Achieving Lifetime PP

Question asked by rednumbers on May 20, 2018
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I am currently 92,833 points away from lifetime platinum, and being grandfathered into lifetime PP with the new program. At first I thought there was no way, but when I back tracked, I realized I started 2018 being 240,000 points away (I already have the room nights needed).


I check out from a Ritz Carlton later today, where I expect to get about 23,000 points. I check into a Marriott on Friday, but the rate is pretty low so won't get many more points. With the stays I currently have scheduled through end of July, I will be about 38,000 points short.


My question is, can I buy those 38,000 points and it count towards my lifetime status? Sorry if this is an obvious question... I switched from Hilton Honors to Marriott in 2014 and I am still getting used to everything and don't know all the details quite yet.