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Which PLATINUM status will MR give MVCI timeshare members under the new program?

Question asked by marksfisher on May 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2018 by marksfisher

Not sure if anyone on this form knows this answer..... MR and MVCI timeshare help desk people don't seem to know.


For those who don't know, MVCI timeshare awards MR Gold or Platinum status to those who have a certain status in the MVCI program.  That MR status is called an "Executive Referral" .


For me, I am at the top MVCI level, Chairman's Club, which grants me (currently ....) "Platinum Elite" at Marriott.  It is officially called "Executive Referral Platinum".



Since the new program will have "Platinum Elite" and "Platinum Primer Elite" ...... which one will MVCI and MR give me?

Will they give a similar Referral status under the new program?


The issue for me is.....

.....When the new program appears in Aug, the conversion chart shows that CURRENT "Gold Elite"  becomes "Platinum Elite" and CURRENT "Platinum Elite" becomes "Platinum Premier Elite".  

            see chart -->


....So, since Marriott CURRENTLY grants MVCI Presidential and Chairman's club level members MR "Platinum" status.... which Platinum status will I / we get?     If it is only "Platinum Elite", then as the chart in the above link shows, I will be granted the same NEW MR "Platinum Elite" level as CURRENT "Gold Elite".... not sure if that is fair.


Anyway, I hope a MR or MVCI rep can answer the above question for all us MVCI members.