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Issues at JW, Partial Points Return / Award Offered by Manager via email - who hasn't followed-through.  Next Steps?

Question asked by wdamburn on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by wdamburn

During an April stay at the JW in Washington DC - we had a, well, interesting couple of encounters / occurrences over the course of our two night stay.  I'm a Platinum and I usually give feedback when the email surveys are sent post-stay - this time being no different.  I received an email from the Front Desk Manager within a few days, apologizing for the inconvenience and offering 10,000 points for the inconvenience.  I replied, accepting that offer... but received no follow up.  I replied again - crickets. Left a message - no reply.  I'm not trying to call out the FD Manager, but I'd like the 10,000 points and have the emails saved with her offer.  Thoughts on how to proceed?