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What's going to happen to the Hotel + Air Packages after Aug 1

Question asked by thriftyscrooge on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by atcmickey

Does anyone know the future fate of the best current redemption value for the MR points, i.e. the 7-night Hotel + Air package ? I tend to use these annually, and am thinking that it might make sense to get a base Cat 5 package now for NEXT summer before the "re-categorization" takes place in Aug. I can (hopefully) adjust the Category later by paying more points, since that is allowed...for now.


I'm already booked and using one of these later this year (Cat 9! oof...), but would like to know if these will still be available come Sep, and if so, what changes are being made to those packages?


I've looked for these answers, and either missed them, or this information is not to be found. Does anyone know the answer ?


What say you, Community Managers?