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I WAS OVERCHARGED AND I AM IRATE!!!!!!!!!!!I reserved a room for 6 people. It was supposed to be a mothers day relaxing night....Only 5 women showed up. We all are over the age of 40so this immature childish stuff that we are being accused of is appalling.  I reserved a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suite with a pull out bed. I look at my credit card statement today I was charged $487.00. The original price was $240.35. I called the facility and asked why was I charged so much. The person stated that they charged me a fee for having a party. I said the reservation was for 6 ppl. only 5 ppl showed up. He said he was going to check with housekeeping and find out what the issue was. I had thought about some other valid points while waiting, so I called the property back. I asked if you guys thought it was a party how come the door wasn't knocked on. When its a party you would have noise disturbance..So they accused us of having a party but don't warn us about noise or anything. Isn't that what a hotel is supposed to do if that was indeed the case?????? Not wait until we check out and then add fees...None of that came from our room.....I cooked lamb chops and salmon and rice but that was the most we did ...We literally were in bed before 1 am. The room across the hall from us had a party and how I know is because we heard them and they even had party shirts that said Taurus on the back so it was someone's bday. I saw that with my own eyes.  we were room number 105. They were 104. So then the rep changes the story and says well there were ashes in the bathroom. I really went off then...literally I'm at work screaming...I asked the man do you have cameras????? If you do you will see the 2 people that were in my room kept going outside to smoke at least 2-3 times. We all had cars outside as well so if smoking was an issue for us we would have stood outside with my other 2 cousins or sat in our vehicles..  I asked if the property has cameras he stated he doesn't know. Wow, you work there and you don't know if you have camera's or not????? OK....Now maybe the ashes got spilled out of one of the girl's bags or something but One of my cousins has chronic asthma and that is the main reason why they went outside to smoke. If they wanted to smoke inside we would have gotten a smoking room. I am utterly frustrated...I am irate and I am disputing this charge with my bank as well as reporting this location to the BBB. you will not accuse me or my family of wrongdoing and lie about it.