Rewards member- 2nd class guest?

Discussion created by emilyjohnson2786 on May 15, 2018
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Hello, I just joined here as a last ditch effort before severing my relationship with Marriott. I've been a card member for close to 3 years. I've used points for 3 separate stays in different cities. Nashville, D.C., and Cincinnati. All 3 of these stays were atrocious. I'm not a complainer so I just continued to hope the next stay would be better. In Cinci we were put in a dilapidated room in which the toilet did not flush. We had to be moved to another room at midnight ( with an 8 am flight). In DC we had a lovely view of a dank alley way and dumpster with construction noise for 2 nights. Most recently in Nashville, we visited a nearly empty hotel but we were still placed in a room on the highest floor ( with 2 kids). Worst of all, the room faced the highway in which the noise was so loud from traffic that I had to sleep with headphones in. My poor kids tossed and turned all night long. We were so exhausted the next day we just decided to leave instead of staying another night. So my question is, am I treated as a second class guest because I'm paying with points? Here I was thinking being a rewards member I'd be treated to perks! Quite the opposite. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm ready to cancel the card. The sad part is I always had great Marriott experiences prior to being a member.