Rewarding Events Tips for Elite Nights

Discussion created by bobmarley on May 15, 2018
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Marriott has a training opportunity with their sales and event management folks regarding points and elite night credits for meetings and events.  Of the 15 or so meetings I've booked, about 20-30% of the properties accurately posted the points (and thus the 10 Elite Nights) within a reasonable timeframe (2 or so weeks).  Another 50% required several followups, up to 8 weeks or so later.  A further 20-30% had no idea what I was talking about, did not believe I should receive points, or otherwise totally muffed up the process.


Here's an opportunity to share your tips on having this process run a bit more smoothly.  For those considering meetings as a path to LTPP, or otherwise, getting your points (and thus your 10 Elite nights) posted in a timely manner will become increasingly important as we roll towards Dec 31 2018.



Tip #1 - Have a signed agreement with your MR # listed.

Tip #2 - Tell them to post the meeting in the Group Posting Tool already!

Tip #3 - Repeat tip #2.