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Using a current Marriott Rewards Chase credit card, when do SPG hotels get the 5 points per $1USD of eligible spend?

Question asked by flexibletravels on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by heydude25

Just curious how to maximize points across the two distinct programs and understand the nuances of stays and how to pay for them as the programs merge. Currently I am platinum elite, but am not eligible for lifetime status other than the new lifetime silver.


So, I'm thinking I will modify my hotel stays to get 10 SPG stays to qualify for another year toward the new Lifetime Gold. In doing those 10 SPG stays, does it make sense to time them to maximize the value of the points? I'm not interest in opening another credit card.

Goal: Be one step closer to the new lifetime gold by having two 'gold' status years in 2018, while also maximizing points for that eventual vacation.


Thanks for any help and guidance on the situation.