300k-700k MR points in 1-4 months

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So, instead of constantly answering private conversations, responding to various posts, etc, I'll put this here.  Several people have asked a ton of questions, and there's no way possible for me to answer everyone, so, this was born as a follow up to my other comment here:  https://insiders.marriott.com /thread/51654?messageTarget=all&start=25&mode=comments#comment-223794


This takes a LOT of assumptions into place to max this, and some of the assumptions are unknowns and guesses on my part (i know, shocker..)


So, here it is - I will try to make it very vanilla and plain so that I do not have to get into a bunch of personal situations and try to map specific paths for anyone - hopefully this should cover most of it!  (maybe, possibly, hopefully, fingers crossed...)


The assumptions:

  1. You do not upgrade your Premier Visa, you meet all parameters to cancel and apply new
  2. You are able to get the Business Premier Visa and terms do not get changed such that you cannot earn an intro bonus from a personal AND business "Premier" card
  3. You are able to get at least 1 SPG AMEX (even if you have both of them now) that offers a 100k intro bonus (I'm assuming the SPG Luxury AMEX to be released 1 August will offer 100k, and the minimum spend requirement assumption is $5k)
  4. The intro bonus on the SPG AMEX cards will go back to points on August 1
  5. SPG AMEX referrals return after August 1, assuming you can at least refer 50k worth
  6. All points earned after August 1 count toward MR Lifetime Status, even from SPG AMEXs, or can be transferred to count (see yogib's thread:  Manufacturing LifeTime points (try before you merge) )
  7. You do not need to/want to transfer ANY other points/miles to MR - no Ultimate Rewards transfers, no United Airlines transfers, no AMEX-->SPG-->Marriott transfers, No MVC points available, etc
  8. You have US credit cards available to you to get close to the MAX, but if you do not, you can still achieve the MIN with a subset of options
  9. You have family members/significant others/any Marriott member as a transfer partner
  10. You complete all of the above around August 2018
  11. You can add you own options, as there are some that I've left out (see assumption #7)

The methodology (are you nuts saying someone can earn 300-700k points in 1-3 months???):

  • You get the MR Premier Plus Visa (see assumption #1) - 105k points (100k intro offer + $5k min spend points)
  • You get the MR Premier Business Visa (see assumption #2) - 78k points (75k intro offer + $3k min spend points)
  • You get an SPG AMEX - most likely the Luxury AMEX (see assumption #s 3 & 4) - 105k points (100k intro offer + $5k min spend points, no SPG-->MR points conversion since this is after Aug 1)
  • You refer the newly received MR Premier Plus Visa (5 referrals) to friends/family/anyone that will listen: Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card – Refer-A-Friend - 100k points
  • You refer SPG AMEX cards to friends/family/anyone that will listen (see assumption $5) - 50k points
  • You have a 'conservative' summer 'vacation' schedule consisting of 3 Marriott nights at 3 separate hotels and you get 3k local hotel rate bonuses at each hotel (or end up with this total for the summer from stays however you do it)  ≈ 2,000 points * 3 nights (6k points total) + [3k * 3 local rate bonus] (9k points total) + 750 points/night MegaBonus (2,250 points total) ≈ 17,250 points
  • (if necessary/wanted) You purchase the MAX MR points IN CONJUNCTION with intro spend on a new card, thus reducing your minimum intro spend - 50k points ($625 cost)
  • (if necessary/wanted) You purchase the MAX SPG points IN CONJUNCTION with intro spend on a new card, thus reducing your minimum intro spend - 30k points ($682.50 cost if done by May 31, 2018 for a 35% discount) = 90k MR points (see assumption #6)
  • From assumption #9, you can get 100k points transferred from another member to your MR account, meaning, you extend the 50k MAX annual transfer by pairing it with a award redemption (hotel+air package, 5th night free, etc) - 100k points


≈ MAX total = 695,250 points (But even those that do not have access to US credit cards can max around 200-300k points)


Hopefully this helps any/all who have asked questions!

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