Suite upgrades at JW Marriott Hotels

Discussion created by ghimsimc on May 15, 2018
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I am a Platinum Elite and I travel to Shenzhen for work once a month. I always stay at the JW Marriott Shenzhen Bao'an, usually for a week, sometimes two. I was flabbergasted when the front desk person told me that due to the hotel policy, they will not upgrade me to a suite if I stay more than 3 nights, even if one was available...... I've been staying regularly at this hotel for over 2 years, even the Executive Lounge staff knows me well. I've rarely been upgraded to a suite at this hotel, and it is causing me to question the value of my loyalty and Platinum status with Marriott.


I've tried booking my room just for the first 3 days and then extending my stay after I have checked in to see if I could get around this rather puzzling policy. However, when I've done that, the room rates go up significantly (because it becomes last minute bookings) or they have run out of rooms for the duration of my stay. So that strategy has failed me and wouldn't work.


Wouldn't you offer your regular and long term guest the best room available?


Anyone have any idea what I should do? Does this only happen at this hotel, or at other Marriotts too?