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Air and hotel certificates? If i get one now what happens when hotels levels all get adjusted?

Question asked by doc1997 on May 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by placestoseeandgo

    I will have about 500,000 marriott points by august.  In general the most efficient way to redeem that many has been the air and hotel packages.  They are priced based on the level of hotel. If I redeem before the august deadline what happens after that to certificates when hotels are all reassigned?  It would seem bad judgement to get a category 9 since they will no longer exist.  So far i have not seen anything other than a few hotels released with what changes will be.  I also have not seen anything about points changes for the packages. Seems like ig i get a 7 or 8 category when merger does i would be in current 8-9s  unless certificates devalue. Any information on how that will be addressed?