Remembering Foxglove

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It is with a heavy heart that I relate the news that one of our own has left us for good. Brian Fosgate, aka foxglove, passed away last month at the age of 62. I only learned the news today and wanted to let others in the community know.

Brian Fosgate Obituary


I had the good fortune of meeting Brian in his hometown of Athens, GA back in the spring of 2015 about a year before he retired from the University of Georgia. Another Insider meet up (bejacob and foxglove). It was nice to share a meal and a couple of beers.


Some may remember his love of gardening (The compact garden) or grilling (Labor Day Canoe-B-Q shakedown cruise). Others enjoyed his excellent travelogues in the Southern USA like The Battle of New Bern, NC

He always had something interesting to post such as  Must-see recommendation for your home state, Space aviation geezers unite!, or More headlines from the newspaper archives


Foxglove often referred to himself as a "bottom-feeder," (check out these replies for context /message/176386?commentID=176386#comment-176386 /blogs/exclusive-news/2015/11/02/say-hello-to-your-new-featured-insider#comment-3154… )

He was, in his words, a "perpetual Silver Elite," never earning enough nights to reach Gold, but staying loyal to Marriott when he traveled, often within a day's drive from home.


Foxglove was a Featured Insider back in 2015 Say hello to your new Featured Insider!

In one of his comments to that post, he noted that "featuring a Silver Elite shows that MRI is truly an equal-opportunity community." After retiring, foxglove no longer had the need or desire to log onto the internet everyday, and eventually stopped checking in with the Insider community. His wife passed along this message to the communitymanagers "Thank you for giving Brian many hours of enjoyment on this site."


Rest in Peace foxglove. You'll be missed.