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Platnium status ignored

Question asked by sjs9000 on May 12, 2018

I had a stay recently at one of the marionettes in Phoenix and it was discussed with one of the front desk managers and she began to argue with me about the terms and conditions for platinum membership. To make a long story short I called and spoke with customer service for over an hour and a half almost 2 hours and did get some resolution but it's still not something I'm satisfied with and I would like to speak with someone higher up if possible. It would greatly be appreciated I'm very frustrated and I'm not sure what to do at this point I would like to continue staying with Marriott because SPG has been nothing but wonderful to us and me and my fiance were interested in having our wedding reception at one of the Marriott resorts we have never really looked at them before but with the way the customer services handle things it's really making us question whether we want to go with that at all seeing as how we're speaking of spending thousands and thousands of dollars we have family flying in from Chicago New York and Europe as well this will not be something we want to leave to a staff that isn't very much concerned with the most amazing customer service I hope to hear back soon thank you.