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Marriott Platinum Welcome Amenity at Protea Richard’s Bay, South Africa

Question asked by rmfoster on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by leef

We checked into two rooms at the Protea Hotel Richard’s Bay Waterfront in South Africa. Both rooms are Platinum members. This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to invoke the Platinum Guarantee.


The front desk did absolutely nothing to acknowledge our Marriott status. No big deal. We’re accustomed to it. Though we asked if there was any welcome drink, snack or anything else as a Platinum welcome amenity. No, nothing. Wifi is limited to 500 MB here. She wasn’t willing to provide a voucher code to extend the wifi but relented. She really had no idea about Marriott at all. She kept asking us how we were going to settle the room payment and didn’t get that we booked the stays on points. After explaining it we thought she understood but then asked if I’d be paying for both rooms on one bill.


I get that that they probably don’t get many Platinum members on a regular basis. But she should have some idea about it.


I understand i have to address this before before checking out. We’re staying two nights so I have time. Protea is on the hook for $50 USD for each of us. That’s my understanding. I still feel a bit reluctant though. People make mistakes. But we gave her plenty of chances to make it right or at least apologize for not knowing.


I’d appreciate some input from other members. And maybe leave a bit of a record here.


Thanks much!