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Folks, RE:  the "birthday recognition" benefit that was once a part of the MR/SPG programs, "it ain't happenin' anymore." It was a pleasant little thing, BUT WE HAVE MUCH GREATER CONCERNS PRESENTLY IN THE "BIG PICTURE!" ALL member benefits are sadly being SQUEEZED away, and OUT, in case you have been snoozing of late. Now approaching my 34 th year in the Marriott loyalty program, through three or four program name changes, how many of you elder members like myself can recall the 100% bonus points for being a yearly platinum member? As I recall, this was applicable as far back as 2003, but long gone, now. There are numerous reasons for program "de-benefitization," and I'm reasonably certain that we can all contribute answers as to why we're being "downsized" in all things rewards/awards. Our member accounts represent enormously huge liabilities or accounts payable to the various hotels, motels, and airlines. Our loyalty just isn't worth as much as it once was, very sadly. The dynamics of the hospitality industry has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past decade! All we can hope for is a REASONABLY FAIR new program, but we don't have a helluva lot to say about it, do we? I dislike saying it, but EMBRACE what we have TODAY, because it will be GONE TOMORROW! I am just glad that Mr. Bill Marriott, Jr., does not have to visit the mostly Marriott franchisees nowadays, as his kind, respectful heart and soul would be broken, and damaged, by witnessing his family namesake being irreparably disrespected in so very many ways, like most industries in our once proud country. Go try and figure. . .