Amazing Stay

Discussion created by rweschrob on May 11, 2018

Was staying at the Marriott on 5/3/18 through 5/7/18  the room was really nice but they were in the process of upgrading all their TV's so that they would be better equipped to receive all intranet stations , well when I turned on the tv all I got was snow and the maintenance guy comes up and says that we would be happy to move me to a new room and is there anything else that he could do for me he said he would take care of breakfast the next day and that is all he could do , I nicely asked if he could put me into the concierge level so that I could enjoy breakfast at my leisure on the days that I was there he made a few calls and it was agreed upon and it was great, great to see customers so well taken care off and great because it is the little things that make all the difference , I will use your hotel as a shining example when I talk about outstanding customer service to everyone that I train with or that contacts me wondering where a good place to stay might be had.


@Thank you for making my stay so enjoyable it will not be forgotten