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Platinum Premier Ambassador Questions

Question asked by trippinbillies40 on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by 1720a519

I've seen another thread with a similar question, but I'm hoping to get a definitive answer, so maybe communitymanagers can answer?


Question 1: What counts towards your $20,000 spending requirement? Just room rate? Room rate and incidentals? Final total bill with tax?


Question 2: To qualify for Ambassador status with SPG in 2018 does not require the $20k spend, just 100 nights.  So to waive the spending requirement in '18, do all 100 nights have to be with SPG properties? Or can you be 100 nights across both MR and SPG?  Also, will those 100 nights need to be accrued by 8/1/18?


Thanks in advance!