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Mobile check in confused as “no-show” by Hotel

Question asked by bcalman on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by theskyking

So I stayed at a hotel in Charlotte area with my parents on the reservation as well. I did mobile check in so that my parents who were arriving early could get the keys .... they did. I arrived later and went directly to the room and stayed the night. I left earlier than they did. Watched my statement - no points / no stay. I called the hotel and they told me to put in for the stay on the Marriott site. I did and now they are coming back to me and saying that it was a “no-show” charge not a stay charge when I was in the hotel. The hotel and Marriott are refusing to budge. I am LT platinum, ambassador, Marriott VC and I have the Marriott card (Couldn’t be more in bed if I tried). When I call the hotel and ask to speak to the GM, they disconnect me. The answe I have received from the front desk is “that is Marriott not us“. SMH. I have MORE problems with mobile check in at Courtyards and Springhill Suites than any of the others - is it a training issue?