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Question asked by justinboyd on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by 702rugbyref

Sorry to bother everyone, but Marriott, does not seem to be answering the phone or providing clear enough account information on how I will be affected by the program is change.


I have 742 Life time nights, 1.2M Unused points

I just lost all of my lifetime points.  (You would have thought that my lifetime points >= my unused points.)


I tried calling Marriott to understand the new program as I am a bit confused.  (I was on hold for 18 minutes on the platinum benefits line)  But I gave up.


The blurb I read online says I need 750 Life Time Nights and 10 years of platinum.  But, the number of years at platinum is not provided by Marriott anywhere that I can find.


The old program used to be 750 + 2 million (i'm not sure when that changed)...but now I have 0 lifetime points.


Does anyone know if/how to get lifetime platinum before the program changes?


Thank you in advance for the information.