Does Marriott Want Us To Live out of Suitcases

Discussion created by superchief1 on May 8, 2018

I recently completed a stay at the newly remodeled North Charleston Marriott. I enjoyed my stay, but was surprised by the newly designed room and hope this isn't the new norm at Marriott Properties. I was in a King room (not upgraded) and the room furniture was pretty dysfunctional. There was only one small drawer in the room, a small closet with front to back hangars (so you had to plan clothes you were going to wear first because it was difficult to remove from the back). There was also a bar to hang things above a small stool (I think this was the luggage rack but only a small carry-on would fit in this space). It was impossible to hang slacks because something the safe and luggage rack were below the hangars.


We typically like to unpack everything for 2 or more night stays, but there was no place to put anything since there was only one drawer. Our medium sized suitcase had to be left open on the floor because there wasn't any place to put it. I find it very disappointing that a full service Marriott hotel would have no drawers or places to put away clothes during our stay. If this trend expands to other properties, i will limit my future stays to 1 night. Thankfully, I have my timeshares for our vacations.


There also was no comfortable chair in the room. There was a small additional sofa type 'furniture' in a remote corner, but it was very uncomfortable. There was a nice large TV, but you had to watch it from an uncomfortable low bed with sharp edges to bang your shin on. Is this the sign of things to come? Do people really prefer to live out of suitcases today? I also find it interesting that I received a survey from the hotel asking if I found the room and public areas to be 'inspiring', but no questions regarding comfort or functionality.


On a separate note, I didn't receive my platinum arrival points, although I was asked if I wanted them at check in. I also did a review for the property but noticed it isn't posted.