Do I have until August 1st or December 31st?

Discussion created by chris_bran on May 8, 2018
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This seems like a pretty important question, that has a wide variety of responses. I am going to be working with Support to get an official answer because I am one of those who appear be significantly impacted with the Date change of the Lifetime status roll to August first.


Currently I am 1.82 million points with 717 nights. I was on solid pace to make LTP by end of this year. With the new announcement that the conversion is going to happen on August 1st; does that officially confirm that whatever you are on that date is what you will be rolled over to? I only ask because I have heard lots of speculation that you do have until December 31st to make your status and then there will be another conversion at that time.


I logged an initial inquiry about this right after the announcement, and they promised an answer via email, but I still haven't heard anything. Any insiders get any official answer on this issue?