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Graduation present for my son needs 18+ check in

Question asked by meangreengrad on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by nipper

My parents are giving my son a graduation gift of attending the pro tennis tournament at the Cincinnatti Open. We are looking for help identifying any properties that would allow him to check in on his own.  He is 18 and is traveling with some of his buddies from Texas. These are good kids, so I understand the properties don't know that, but surely someone else has faced this!


If anyone has any ideas (other than calling dozens of properties in the 30 square mile area), I'd love some help on this!

My parents are willing to prepay and I'm a platinum member! Not sure any of this is getting across to the GM's when I've called a few properties so far. And of course, we'd love to stay with the Marriott brand, but we are getting worried that we might have to AirBNB or have them camp out that week!  Not what we hoped for a graduation present!  All thoughts are welcome!