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Clarification on Chase card, gold status and elite nights?

Question asked by jeffreymac on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by seattlebob

I'm thoroughly confused by the new credit card setup and what exactly happens with the 15 elite bonus night, starting in 2019.


First, number of nights for the new program is 10 - silver, 25 - gold and 50 - platinum.  Basically what was gold is now platinum, what was silver is now gold (+ 10 more nights required).


The promo says with the card you are automatically silver member -  if you spend $35K during the year, your on the "pathway to gold".  But it really doesn't say anything about the nights in relation to those levels.   Are the corresponding nights for those two levels granted to our yearly tally?


If you are a cardholder, hence automatically a silver member, do you get the 10 requisite elite nights to your marriott rewards account?  Then if you spend $35K you're moved to Gold, meaning are you now at 25 elite nights?  Then when the "15 nights for 2019" comes through, are you moved up to 40 nights?  Meaning you're only 10 nights away from being platinum (which is where the real benefits start kicking in)


Or .... are you just a silver member as a chase reward card holder, but have 0 elite nights for it.   Then if you spend $35K, you're a gold member but still sitting at 0 elite nights.  Then the "15 nights for 2019" comes around, you're sitting at 15 elite nights - which is somewhat pointless as you're already a gold member


There's obviously a huge difference in these scenarios - a 25 night swing


The first one is a bit more in line with what we currently have - you get your annual 15, your anniversary free night which is effectively another night, then a night for every $3k in spending.  Which at 35K (call it 36) means 12 bonus nights.  So the current card gets you around 28 nights - which turns out to be (in excess of) the gold level benefit - but we get those nights to earn the status.


Does that make sense?  Anyone know the answer for certain?


I have the feeling that there are no 25 nights to go with that 35K spending gold status.