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Is there no longer a dedicated platinum reservation line?

Question asked by jbaret on May 8, 2018
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Platinum Reservations line - No more?


Like most people I try not to actually call into the "dedicated platinum reservation line" unless there is a reason that I need to speak with someone. The benefit shows up as still in place within the benefits of platinum. I currently have platinum status for this year and achieved it for next year, I also have life time platinum status as well. I have been trying to call into the number but hold times exceed 15-20 minutes. When I do get someone they transfer me and the process starts again. So my question is - Is there no longer a dedicated platinum reservation number even though it is listed as a benefit?


I understand growing pains and I have not had major problems to this point. Why would this be removed and if so why not let people know so they can take their business elsewhere if this matters to them?