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Many of us are familiar with the community leaderboard. Quite a few have discovered how easy it is to manipulate the numbers. There was even an interesting discussion on the topic a few months back. Farewell from the Top of the Community Leaderboard!


One feature of the latest version of the Insiders platform powered by Jive is "Insights" located on the profile page. Here's a partial screenshot of mine.

jive insights.PNG

To get here, go to your Marriott Rewards profile page and click the link for "Insights"


There's more info on the screen, but this section seems to capture how we interact with the community as a whole. I don't completely understand all the numbers, but it appears that "Personal Reach" shows the percentage of community members seeing the content posted. "Global Impact" seems to be tied to interactions by others to content posted (views, likes, helpful, etc.). I'm not sure what "Sentiment" measures.


It's a bit humbling to realize that so few members of this community pay any attention to the content posted. Admittedly, there are a lot of users who signed up for a contest or to post a complaint who have never bothered to sign in a second time.


There is also a graph near the bottom the insights page that shows things like the content created, likes given, likes received, helpful answers received, and views received. Here's my "Views Received" as of May 6, 2018

Looks like stuff I've posted has gotten over 65,000 views in the last 12 months. I think this post is my first new content for May 2018, but stuff I previously posted have already gotten over 1000 views this month. I have no idea which posts, but that seems pretty good only a week into May.


I have noticed when I click on the insights, that sometimes part of the dashboard fail to load, so if you see this, you may need to try again later.


As I say, I'm not entirely sure what all the charts say about engagement with the community. I started looking into the Insight page after several Insiders began running up the score the community leaderboard, making that measure of engagement almost useless. I suspect these charts are be less prone to manipulation since it appears most of the "scoring" comes from how other users interact with you, not how you interact with others. There is probably some way to "game the system," but it's less obvious how one would do that compared to the community leaderboard. The leaderboard (or widget counter as erc calls it) used to be a semi-meaningful gauge of involvement. If you know how to play the widget game, you can end up at or near the top without adding anything of value to the Insider community. Luckily, most Insiders don't play that game and earn their points from liking, having comments marked as helpful, or appropriately tagging content.


So maybe, "Insights" is actually a better way to go. Unfortunately, we can only view our own Insights page. Then there is the challenge of knowing what the different charts and numbers mean. I did find this reference on the "Personal Insights" from Jive, but the details aren't all that helpful in deciphering what goes into the dashboard

Core Help (from Jive)


Anyway, I thought I share what I found and ask if others have stumbled across this page. Feel free to share whatever info you find on your own profile. Just be careful you don't capture a screenshot showing your full name.


I realize this is less about Marriott and more about the inner workings of this site, but I thought a few of the regular contributors might find it interesting.