Once Again, Thanks Insiders

Discussion created by profbes on May 4, 2018

It seems the last few days I've either been driving a car, flying (or sitting on the plane during ground holds) on Delta Airlines, or sleeping. So as some important things were occurring in Marriott land I was barely able to keep track or certainly wait on hold at help lines to find out details. But the Insiders discussions of the new credit card served as one stop shopping for current information and best guesses. I saw the first posts about 10,000 point upgrade bonuses and was disappointed as I was hoping for 30,000. Then I saw posts about 20 and 50 thousand and got excited again. Finally home today and went to the Chase site and lo and behold I am among the blessed ones. I got the 50,000! Just upgraded and when I make a purchase and that posts I'll be less than 20K from the magical 2 million mark. Now, no problem making  it.

Secondly, I was checking my point totals while in transit and saw the lifetime points had disappeared. Again, no time to call Marriott. Again Insiders were there with confirmation that it was system wide and not just me and with workarounds. First with the UK site and then 's workaround for the usual site (although it did take me a step 4b of logging in a second time on the overview page).


So thanks Insiders for doing the investigatory work and posting in your usual friendly, helpful ways. I'll try to return the favor where I can.