PGM's Crystal Ball -  Point Decreases?

Discussion created by pingreeman on May 5, 2018
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It’s time to predict the new categories coming in August based on the preliminary category changes found here:


Shown are 91 venues, a mix of MR, SPG, and RC hotels. Using an SPG “conversion” of 3X points = 1 MR point, I have converted all venues into a Marriott Point Equivalent (MPE). Using the MPE, 44 venues actually go down in the number of points, 1 stays the same, and 46 go up in the number of points.


Because one can “lie with statistics”, let’s start with a misleading statement: the percentage of venues going up is 50.55%, going down 48.35%, and 1.10% remain unchanged. Sounds pretty good. However, looking at each current category and how those are categorized after the merger completes, is another story. Let’s look at the table:

Merger Categories.gif

If a venue is currently in these categories, then the points go up (orange):

4, 6, 7, 8, 9, SPG-2, SPG-3

Those that are essentially unchanged are (yellow):

SPG-5 & RC-3

The “winners” are those that go down in points (green):

5, RC-5, SPG-6, SPG7


Assuming the above category changes are sweeping across all of the existing Marriott categories, this will have the biggest "inflation rate" on category increases since I have been tracking annual category changes since 2009.

UPDATE 2018-05-07 - - - HUGE Pivot table error; ignore the above tables and comments. I even changed the subject of this post!

The data below is accurate - - 25 up, 58 down, 8 same when using the mid-point average of the range for SPG points and a 3X conversion to MR points.


Up/DownCount of Hotel NameSum of Old Category PointsSum of New Cat Points
Grand Total9143860004095000