Premier Plus CC - Not a good upgrade for mid-level travelers?

Discussion created by neticen on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2018 by han1728

I just took a look at the new Premier Plus CC and if I'm reading this correctly, the new card will only help you 'spend-for-status' up through Gold level.  Assuming you stay less than 35 nights, you simply can't get to Platinum (or better) via the card given the new structure.  This would seem to be a great deal for infrequent travellers who want Gold benefits while staying less than 10 nights per year.


But it looks like the only Elite achievement assistance you get if you stay 25 nights or more is the 15 elite nights you get annually.  This ends up being a worse deal if you don't qualify for Platinum on your stays + 15 bonus nights.


The old Marriott rewards card will award you with elite nights via on-card spend that are helpful for advancing from Gold to Platinum and I assume will still be good for Platinum Premier. 


Is that what everyone else is seeing?  I think that means I'd rather stick with the old MR card...