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Discussion created by pey on May 2, 2018
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It is hard to believe that it is about now that we headed off to the TIPPLE and the airport one week ago today. I have to say not having been to the first Tipple that I felt a bit of intimidated. We had a nice upgrade at the Delta, for about 6 Delta’s in a row. The flight was smooth, 58 minutes from Toronto into DCA. We always go carry on so we headed out to the shuttles. The first person that we saw at the shuttle was Mr .and Mrs. iahflyr  Of course they did not know us from Jack Flash, but when I said, “Hey D…. the Tipple was on.


We got to the hotel easily and headed out to ANC, I was 9 when Jack Kennedy was killed and remembering watching everything for four day, So my reason was to go to his grave, as I had gone to the plaza in Dallas just two years ago today. I cannot say that going to ANC is a happy place, but it is an important place for even someone who is not American.


Back at the hotel, we checked in and went to the bar. The gang on the first picture was there and I was honored to be in that company in that picture. We eventually drifted to the CL and then to the never to be the same patio that had seats but no cushions. More arrived and we realized that this was a family. Of course the life of the party was jsucool76, AKA nationwide jr, and of course none other than brightlybob. bejacob, was on hand as well. as well as a lot of new friends.


seatexan took us on a once of a kind bucket list adventure to the Smithsonian the next day followed by pluto77 taking us to lunch.


Well timing out on the site now but Tipple 2 is over but we all have great friends. Thank you to bejacob, brightlybob, pluto77, seatexan and nationwide for setting this up.