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China Itinery

Question asked by navysafe on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by usuallyinchina

Recommendations for China visit.  I need your help, really really need your help.   My husband has to visit several  locations for work  All locations are a one day visit.  We will be flying out of Houston  (IAH).  So here is the itinerary:  China...Shanghai, Shenzhen,  Beijing.  Singapore, Seongnam Korea, Tokyo Japan, Taiwan...Zhubdel City and Taipei.  Eight locations total.


So I am assuming each location is a one way flight from looking at the map.   Definitely staying at Marriott or SPG.


So my questions to all of place to fly in to, best place to fly out of.....what order should we do all of the locations??  Of course, best hotels to stay at.  I'm assuming all locations are close to airport, havent got that far yet.


Soooo many questions...but this is a start.  Thanks guys