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Question asked by danjyns01 on Apr 30, 2018

I recently stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Salisbury MD, where I had booked 4 rooms for family in town from New York. We checked in at 2 and by 1030pm the police asked us to leave. Basically after the assistant GM said she smelled marijuana and it was loud in the parking lot and blamed it on the 5 black men outside. I spoke with the Gm Andy today and he would not speak to me once I said this was discrimination. I called the corporate office at 855 am this morning and left a message. I am a nurse and I have never experienced this type of discrimination before. The police said they just respond to the calls. This assistant GM never approached my boyfriend or myself about any situation. The fact that we had to leave the property after spending over $800 on rooms and no one wants to discuss how unfair this is. Would be nice for some kind of communication.