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Question asked by akind on Apr 29, 2018
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I have been a follower of this website for years, but today is the first time I dove into posting.  I have been a loyal guest of the Marriott brand for at least the last 5 years while traveling for work and building my way to the much coveted  Platinum Status.  I can honest say that I have not complained to any of the hotels during this time period even though there has been the occasional let down between expectations and reality.



It is a rarity that my wife and son get to travel with me because of work and school related conflicts.  But, in January I forced the issue for us to take a much deserved long weekend to the warmer weather of Tampa to escape the harsh winter of New Jersey with some points I have built up.


Our trip was going perfect with a day trip to Busch Gardens, a ride out to the beaches and the much desired warmer weather we were seeking.  That is until the last night of our stay. 



I will try to condense this for the sake of time but provide the genuine facts.  On the last evening of our stay,  while my wife was in the bathroom brushing her teeth the facial board to the vanity fell free from its loose brackets and broke her toe thus limiting her activities for at least 2 weeks.  We immediately contacted the manager on duty and filed the required report and he asked that we contact the front desk manager in the morning before our departure.  As requested, we did meet with the front desk manager before our departure and I politely asked for 2 nights worth of points as compensation for her injury.  About a week went by before I saw a night‘s worth of points credited to my account.  After about 3 weeks of messages and no responses from the manager on duty and the property GM, I received a call from the property manager advising me the management felt no further action was necessary.


My question is, do you feel the customer service that I received after my complaint was satisfactory.  While I have been reluctant to open my stays to Sheraton properties because of my perceived loss of loyalty credits since the merger, this series of events truly makes me question the praise that others have bestowed to SPG based on my limited experiences with them. 



Can you please share your thoughts, am I overreacting to this situation, is it that I am overacting to this event or would you feel that your loyalty to the brand is irrelevant as well?