A Big Thank You to all the TIPPLErs

Discussion created by bejacob on Apr 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by jetmanjon

What an amazing turnout. You might even call it EPIC!


Thank you to everyone who shelled out who-knows-how-much to travel to Washington for the primary purpose of hanging out with other Marriott Rewards Insiders (Ask anyone who got strange looks when they tried to explain to their friends and co-workers).


All the organization, all the planning, all the posts encouraging attendance would have gone for naught but for you guys. Thanks so much from making this such a great weekend. You are the ones that made it epic.


Without you, it would have been just brightlybob and bejacob sitting around, drinking and discussing Hawaiian shirts all weekend. While I'm sure that would have been fun, we would have probably exhausted that topic by the end of the first pints.



Check out some of the Double Tipple Photos!!! There are a lot of smiling faces. I can't wait to see more when everyone gets back home and has some time to recover and post their favorites. Thanks again to everyone for being part of an amazing weekend.